Data Dragon is a web service that is meant to centralize League of Legends game data and assets, including champions, items, runes, masteries, summoner spells, and profile icons. You can download a gzipped tar file (.tar.gz) for each patch that contains all the assets for that patch. Updating Data Dragon after a patch requires a manual step, so it is not always updated immediately after a patch.

Example DATA DRAGON Patch 6.24.1


The Data Dragon URLs frequently include a version and/or a language code. Version 6.24.1 is being used for the examples listed below, but if you want to view assets released in later versions you'll have to replace 6.24.1 in the URL with a more recent Data Dragon version. The en_US language code (English, United States) is being used for the examples below.

Images (version 6.24.1)

Data (version 6.24.1)