Submit a piece of software that utilizes Runes Reforged data

which excels primarily in one of the following categories:

First Place

Rune Coach By Derpthemeus (NA) and Skye3 (NA)

We saw a bunch of entries that focused on telling you which runes you should use, however our favorite was Rune Coach. They give a comprehensive guide of all of the runes and how each one will change your gameplay. An elegant marriage of quantitative data and qualitative analysis, we really love this project.


Runic Insight By Vexrax (NA) and Earleking (NA)

Runic Insight did a great job of breaking down how we play the game with current runes, and recommended possibly better runes. We loved the approach here and can’t wait to see more.

Education Honorable Mentions

Runes Playstyle by CoussiCoussa (EUW) and Eimy (EUW)
Runes Profiler by Len Kagamine (NA)
Bust-A-Baron by NBD Aaron (NA) and Shawn Williams (NA)
LOL Keystones Desc Img by ulg (JP) and クウロ (JP)
RunesGG by Zoe ZoeStar (NA) and BobfromSweden (NA)