"Given a data set of Black Market Brawlers match IDs, create a piece of software that utilizes the game data from these matches."

First Place

Bilgewater Brawlers Bay By VladLord Snow (LAN) and Juandx1 (LAN)

There were a significant number of entries that focused around stats from Black Market Brawlers. Some focused heavily on stats others on a beautiful presentation. We chose Brawlers Bay as the winner of this category because of a notable balance of both. They explored multiple facets of this game mode ranging from champions, to the new items, and the brawlers themselves. The information provided for these facets were clean and easy to digest giving a great overall picture of the Black Market Brawlers game mode. A demo for their project can be found here.


The Black Market By KearinDragon (NA) and Agihor (NA)

The level of analysis performed within this entry was truly amazing and noteworthy. It became apparent this team made it their mission to dive into every part of this game mode.

Regions of Black Market Brawlers By Lìght (EUNE)

This entry caught our eye because of it's focus on region more than anything else. The stats were all focused toward that end and we found it to provide insight into each region's meta and how it applies to win rate and item choices.

Black Market Brawlers Entries

Bilge Stats Pit by DanielGomez (LAN) and natyy9923 (LAN)
Bilgewater Analysis by Boggling Beebles (NA)
Bilgewater Brawlers Bay by VladLord Snow (LAN) and Juandx1 (LAN)
Bilgewater Randoms by hearmyearphone (NA) and Breao (NA)
Bilgewater topkek by The Gentlecat (EUW)
Bilgewater-Breakdown by Murmelix (EUW) and Crashkitty (EUW)
Black Market Bettors by FAT Logarr (EUW) and Ale0s (EUW)
Black Market Brawlers by Reloaded6 (EUW) and Kdodzz (EUW)
Black Market Brawlers Analytic by LoLYuet (NA) and onhout (NA)
Black Market Brawlers Analytics by Tsureiki (NA)
Black Market Brawlers Big Data by hijimoshi (NA) and Charli3D3lta (NA)
Black Market Brawlers Matchup by liugyu (NA) and easildur24 (NA)
Black Market Browser by duderduderes (NA) and anjartsi (NA)
Black Market Buddy by Jerominator (NA) and Apsilate (NA)
Black Market Combat by BoopBoopsInABowl (NA) and StrategyGamesSuk (NA)
Black Market Defense by Bouhm (NA)
Black Market Friends by Designated Drunk (EUW)
Black Market Statistics by Vangogh500 (NA)
Black Market Tower Defense by Esenir (NA) and Ambrosia (EUNE)
Black Water Battles by Brahose (NA) and APeskyLilBeaver (NA)
BMB Item Effectiveness by enigma105 (NA)
BMB Statistics by Snitch Ninja (NA) and gamenumber12 (NA)
Brains and Brawlers by JsKingBoo (NA)
BWStats by jbuba (EUW)
Defend the Nexus by ELCHILEN096 (NA) and HellaTrolled (NA)
Flash on D or F? by RitoPlsNoticeMe (NA) and baseballlover723 (NA)
Glories of Featured Games by TET Panda (NA)
I wanna counter all nite. by rueton (EUW) and Irenji (EUW)
Item Rating by frostyNinja (EUW) and Binkeh (EUW)
LoL GA by P4thkiller (NA) and D3m3n7ia (NA)
LoL reGraph by ulg (NA)
LoL Team Comp by ZiBuDo (NA) and Gramm (NA)
Mercenary Composition Explorer by ShabbyDabbyDoo (NA)
MF_League by Siroza (EUW) and Dasdinko (EUW)
Minutizer by latyak1 (EUNE) and MixtapeL2 (EUNE)
Much Brawlers by Zortrox (NA) and LVL98 Snorlax (NA)
Regions of Black Market Brawlers by Lìght (EUNE)
Rock'em Sock'em Brawlers by Duke Baird (NA)
RuneWinRate by FriendshipClub (NA) and Momspaghetti (NA)
The Black Market by KearinDragon (NA) and Agihor (NA)
The Network of Legends by Csywn (EUW) and Scalpyn (EUW)
Trial By Fire by Bobjrsenior (NA) and Awkbak BR (NA)
WinionWaves by Rawbearto (NA) and RustledBadKid (NA)
Yar ha har! by DrSunshine (NA)