Submit a piece of software that utilizes Champion Mastery data
which excels primarily in one of the following categories:

First Place

Mastery Duel By SleepyBox (NA) and Bouhm (NA)

We saw several games built around Champion Mastery each with its own merits, but our favorite was Mastery Duel. Utilizing Champion Mastery, this card game allows players to experience their favorite champions in an entirely new experience that made the game feel way more personalized than we’ve seen in the past. The combination of the scope of the project, the game play, and integration of Champion Mastery that lead us to choose Mastery Duel as the winner in the entertainment category.

Entertainment Entries

1v1 Predictor by Miniguy (NA) and conorrman (NA)
Battle of Legends by Tantes11 (EUNE) and BadN3w5 (EUNE)
Champion Challenge by unobtanium (EUW)
Champion Master Finder by DanielGomez (LAN) and ScraguiGamer (LAN)
Champion Master Trivia by DanielGomez (LAN) and ScraguiGamer (LAN)
Champion Mastery Lookup by An Honest Thief (EUW)
Champion Mastery Tracker by Dfkuro (LAN)
ChampMastery : Brawl by Jagarmot (EUW)
cMLG App by cowsgomur (NA) and Zelthrox (NA)
Destroy the Nexus by DanielGomez (LAN) and ScraguiGamer (LAN)
FindMyMain by ethylparaben (EUNE) and vinidrea (EUNE)
GameOfMatch by UrNightmares (NA) and redsideburns (NA)
Guess my main! by korona (EUW) and Positron Theory (EUW)
Know champion chest by ulisant (LAN) and CG IOException (LAN)
Kolt 45 Challenge by ThePeteK (NA) and Frios (NA)
Lanepeons by Korbul (EUNE) and AlexSian (EUNE)
League Betting by Wurif (EUNE)
League Of Cards by Claay (NA)
League of Kappas by Subprime Lender (NA) and cabose (NA)
League of Legends Mastery Game by 131 (EUW) and LightYagami77 (EUW)
League of Mastery by Azoy (NA) and Compadr3 (NA)
League of Pushups by Rikdv (EUW) and Tonyisback (EUW)
League of Quotes by Derpthemeus (NA) and Skye3 (NA)
League Unlock Challenge by Fidge1234 (EUW) and kurojutsu (EUW)
Learning with Minigames by Pusty (EUW)
LegendaryBattleLeague by Layxxe (EUW)
Lettuce by jaysig112 (NA) and khanny17 (NA)
Lol Card Game by aaronnew (TR)
LoL Challenge by Ksix (LAS) and KBooooooM (LAS)
LoL Mastery Battle by FithSucker (NA)
Lol Stalker by Tristancüle (EUW)
LoL Yearbook by sewardhorace (NA) and Baits Motel (NA)
LoLGuessWho by somexotherxguy (NA) and DoesDadLoveMe (NA)
LOLRPG by ColeMarquis (NA) and TheMrPenguin (NA)
LoLve by Gnucki (EUW)
M(h)ate(r)s by Gmousse (EUW) and BarbeDouce (EUW)
Master Challenge by N2D4 (EUW) and Janniku9 (EUW)
Master Who?! The game by Sunless Knight (EUW)
Masteromino by JsKingBoo (NA)
Masters of the Rift by Freeb (EUW) and Jonny le rapiste (EUW)
Mastery Cache by Duke Baird (NA)
Mastery Challenges by ZealBit (NA) and AlTeRnAtInGnAmE (NA)
Mastery Comparison by MixtapeL2 (EUNE) and Ricky Bobby (EUNE)
Mastery Duel by SleepyBox (NA) and Bouhm (NA)
Match By Champion by gromTheBest (EUW) and Kisulov (EUW)
MyChampionsList by Grimalkin8675 (EUW)
Pentacall by annFishman (EUW) and Tikone (EUW)
Piltover’s Most Wanted by DJ AMatterFact (NA) and Detective n00b (NA)
Random Mastery Game by hearmyearphone (NA) and Breao (NA)
RealMastery Match by HKZ BrushyMan (BR) and HKZ soloT (BR)
Silver Team Coach by Iets ronds ofzo (EUW) and Warm Up The Lube (EUW)
So you think you can teemo?! by nitnemrac (NA) and iwarren (NA)
Splash Art Puzzles by microtony (NA)
teemoshrooms by nitnemrac (NA) and iwarren (NA)
Urf's Bakery by HeroicKatora (EUW) and WorldSEnder (EUW) by Rentzo (LAN) and Farcros (LAN)
Whose Mastery is it Anyway? by t2t2t (EUW)