"Submit a piece of software that utilizes game data
from the Ultra Rapid Fire game mode."

First Place

URF Play Styles By microtony (NA)

As you might imagine, we received more than a couple entries that were focused on providing stats focused around URF mode. URF Play Styles took URF stats even further by comparing the differences between URF games and Normal games. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of URF Play Styles was how the developer decided to determined the roles of champions in the URF meta. URF mode is unlike any other mode in League of Legends and required a new approach. URF Play Styles used machine learning to determine roles by the items that the champion purchased. You can read more about how the developer accomplished this on the site’s About page.


Summonurf's Rift By RndmInternetMan (NA) and KirkBerkley (NA)

The developers of Summonurf’s Rift decided to utilize URF data to create an experience that might only be possible with data gathered from URF mode. In a unique and creative twist, Summonurf’s Rift is a game where the player is thrown into a gauntlet of “abilities” that represent kills and assists in a real URF game. Because the game is created through a systematic generation of obstacles based on events in the game this experience can be recreated and shared amongst friends which is why we chose Summonurf’s Rift as one of the runner-up entries in the API Challenge. Here are some of our favorites that we’ve affectionately titled Udyr Pls and Lux OP

Who's that Champion? By Rithms (NA)

Lastly but by no means the least, we chose Who’s That Champion as a runner-up because it creatively capitalized on the unconventional style of URF mode. This game presents players with an item build and the order in which skills were leveled for an champion in a specific game. It’s the player’s job to try and determine which champion in the game matched these clues. Because it was URF mode, champions were often built and leveled in ways that no one could have expected. We found this game to be extremely engaging in a group and we admittedly spent a good chunk of time playing Who’s That Champion, as pods of Rioters lost many an hour clustered around a monitor enthusiastically arguing what to pick. "Just one more..." was said more than a few times!

Honorable Mentions

There are entries which catch our eye because of their unique execution in a particular aspect of the competition. Here are some of those entries:

Sjokz to the System By Ultra Deluxe (NA) and dajuicebaby (NA)

This submission included a paper about the volatility of the League of Legends meta-game and used the Riot Games API to back up its hypothesis.

Invalesco By Arinya (NA)

This submission, also a paper, dove into probabilistic analysis and simulation in order to form a predictive model for determining the outcome of a game before it begins.

For What It's URF By orlyzomg (NA) and dbanksdesign (NA)

When building a project that other people can use, documentation is as important as code. This submission caught our eye because of its detailed documentation describing the dependencies, installation, and setup.

Comprehensive List of Entries

A Gentleman's Game by AdamGede (NA) and Lillian09 (NA)
A Puma in the jungle by A Puma (NA) and lolboxen (NA)
Andiag URFinFo by Greenstorm21 (EUW) and Brrokken Iago (EUW)
AziReport by ddayknight (NA)
Ban Index by dhalsim2 (NA) and TustinFocus (NA)
Book of the DoubleSwords by Locksign (NA) and Forsakenwarder63 (NA)
Buffed or NURF'd? by Turtleman65 (NA)
Cards of Legends by RpprRoger (EUW) and WWWWWWWWWWWWWWV (EUW)
Champion Statistics - URF 2015 by DennisWasTaken (NA)
CreepyScore site by Tango Evelynn (RU)
Data of Legends by Urfrider Teemo (NA)
Death by the Second by JackelPPA (NA) and Jamalrus (NA)
Esport42 - Who's the best farmer by OdNaughty (EUW) and I Teteaclake I (EUW)
Face Check by Lazerdawg07 (NA) and hindupower (NA)
Fantasy NURF by bgodbgg (NA) and SuperJMop (NA)
Flash Replay by Xero Vortex (NA)
For What It's URF by orlyzomg (NA) and dbanksdesign (NA)
Free Champion Rotation by stango (NA)
Gambling Legend by AmShaegar (EUW) and Freigeist (EUW)
GentleManatee by HackJack (EUW) and Aamu Lumi (EUW)
Georgi Eftimov by JokataVR (EUNE)
Heimerdinger by IAmTheCount (EUW) and derpson (EUW)
IamURFriend by Faxtorial (EUNE) and Alexandra (EUNE)
Invalesco by Arinya (NA)
JURF by MohiX (EUW)
Kelnet Gaming URF Statistics by Lord Nibbler (NA) and SEC Not Sure (NA)
LeagueOfWorkout by Fun Elodin (EUW) and Mikhaylo21 (EUW)
Lelking by D3AM (EUW)
Lets Rewind! by monkifiery (NA)
LoL Api Challenge Predict by HungryHungryDuck (NA)
LOL Companion by Luciush (NA)
LoL Senpai by Stegoo (EUW) and AurelienM (EUW)
LoL Stats App by invisibled (NA)
LoL Toast by Cyber Priest (EUW)
Lolcomp by Airation (NA)
LolGlobalStats by EasySoap (EUW)
lolhistoryapp API Challenge by xWheelerzzz (EUW) and Alexgophermix (NA)
LoLPoint by Kesulja (EUW)
LoLPredictor by nov1kk (EUW) and eljaritadinamita (EUW)
lolrecap by ApresMoi (LAS) and tulkasss (LAS)
LOLScrub by QuickDraw McLawl (NA) and Rsummers618 (NA)
lol-trophy by Sillek (EUW) and letronul (EUW)
LoL-Wars by GiZmOForEver (EUW) and PsycoBrave (EUW)
Map Control Analysis by Phoclabian (NA)
Map Explorer by Hi Elmo (EUW)
Mejai's URFstealer by Zeta Orionis (NA) and stuxnet (LAN)
Meta Urf by Jagarmot (EUW)
METAsrc URF by Zarvax (NA) and Mantha Bear (NA)
Most Wanted Builds by JesusIsKingLord (NA)
NateAGeek Match Mash by NateAGeek (NA)
NurfNurf by JohnnyKeats (EUW) and icewil (EUW)
NURF-zanklord by zanklord (EUW)
Omega Deathball by Alternatingname (NA) and Zealenth (NA)
P.E.T.S. by rajington (NA) and tubstep (NA)
Pentakill Indicator by iRagDoll (NA) and xFoves (NA)
Planet Urf by Kyho (EUW) and Xorya (EUW)
PositionRanking by UngodlySalmon (NA)
Pro URF Builds by Teh Crust (NA) and Tweeks (NA)
Project Eveylnn by Crs Sivir (NA)
Quantifying the Wackiness of URF by frindo (NA) and kairianu (NA)
Quiet Room Match Simulator 2015 by poochiepoochie (NA)
Random URF Build by LukBukkit (EUW)
RateAnalyzer-UrfAPIChallenge by Epic Lag Spikes (NA)
Riot API Challenge 2015 - Zhok by Zhok (EUW)
Sjokz to the System by Ultra Deluxe (NA) and dajuicebaby (NA)
Slideshow of Legends by raidonezero (NA)
Sounds of URF by Awkbak BR (NA) and Bobjrsenior (NA)
Summonurf's Rift by RndmInternetMan (NA) and KirkBerkley (NA)
Super Mega Counter Table by 930913 (EUW)
Tactical Overview by SergeantWolf (EUNE)
Team Comp Win Rate Calculator by Stoxastic (NA) and Acitropy (NA)
Team Contribution Score by Pieslave (NA)
Teemo URF Tracker by Cuddle Duckie (NA)
Tell me my League story by Kajta (EUW) and Luxiel (EUW)
The Ultra Rapid Fire Quiz by eletari (NA) and credeiki (NA)
The URF Games by Yum Nutella (NA)
The URFBoard by TheLanzolini (NA)
The URFracle by Llama T‡ctica (LAS) and Guanaco Armado (LAS)
Titans of Urf by Robooto (NA) and schtella (NA)
TURF by Towercel (LAS)
Twitch Champion Tracker by kefanza (NA) and Tenshi Hinanai (NA)
U.R.F Soundscape - API Challenge by Deemon (EUW)
U.R.F. Gentlemen by wicked_wolf (EUW) and mklbravo (EUW)
U.R.F. Matches Search by jp2masa (EUW) and JPauloL (EUW)
Ultimate Fantasy by Crystalised (NA)
Ultra Rapid Build by gobaek (NA)
Ultra Rapid Fantasy by nVaderSpim (NA)
Ultra Rapid Spectate by knezzz (EUNE)
Ultra Rapid Statistics by Dulinn (EUW) and DaDummy (EUW)
ultrarapidfeed.com by Longboard Cat (NA) and Kecksin (NA)
University of Rift Fighters by Wylennissa (NA) and Drewsephski (NA)
URF - Top 5 played champions by klukule (EUNE)
URF Average Match Duration by JsKingBoo (NA)
Urf Buddies by JonB (EUW) and TakingTugboat (EUW)
URF Champion Build Info & Stats by maucer (NA) and extispex (NA)
URF Champion Picker by VorteXavier (LAS)
URF Champion Picker by Knawed (EUW)
URF Champion Statistics by Scotsle (NA) and MrEliteGM (NA)
URF champion stats by greedyC (EUW)
Urf Data Python Analysis Package by Yeehin Sucks (NA)
URF Data visualizer by omarbot (LAN) and anyelatoo (LAN)
URF Game inspector by Auberon (NA)
URF Games by atreyu39x2 (EUW)
URF Hybrid Stats by penetrator1990 (EUNE) and aca23kaboom (EUNE)
URF League by The1stSun (EUW)
URF League Stats by Slak44 (EUNE)
Urf Madness by Croustilleur (EUW) and ArchOrn (EUW)
URF Match overview/statistics by SkilledGod (EUW) and Wolf Devil (EUW)
URF Omikuji by ulg (NA)
URF Pick'em by Air Nomad Smitty (NA) and Kilometers42 (NA)
URF Play Styles by microtony (NA)
URF PopItems by Azeaiin (NA) and Salabraithe (NA)
Urf Quest by Riktor (NA) and Sabin (NA)
URF Statistics by BumblingBear (NA) and Harley (NA)
URF Statistics by Etick (EUNE) and NoneSz1337 (EUNE)
URF Stats by royliu (NA)
URF Stats by pooptreelover (NA)
URF Stats by Worst Mike NA (NA) and WorstGabeNA (NA)
URF Stats by peablo (EUW) and Sephora95 (EUW)
URF Stats by cOLeGaX (EUW)
URF Stats by Enivri (NA) and dunnkeeh (NA)
Urf Stats Challenge by NabLord (NA)
URF To Date by DukeMcNasty (NA)
URF Trynd by WxWatch (NA)
URFistics by FlyingCl4w (EUW) and VOLTIER7 (EUW)
UrfKappa by Jouyang (NA) and Lahzerahl (NA)
URFOracle by davyg2 (EUW)
URFPlay by shambol1 (NA)
Urf's Revenge by Null Pointer (NA) and ii Akinae ii (NA)
URFStats by Wicked7000 (EUW) and MCH MyMy (EUW)
urf-stats.esy.es by SgtStarr (EUW) and Levelleor (RU)
URFwin by Adrou (NA) and Tmarc666 (NA)
VS - Lookup Matchups! by Rainbow Manatee (NA)
Ward by Jooka Server (NA)
Who will win? by Zonca (NA)
Who's That Champion? by Rithms (NA)
Will my team win? by AWeiOfLife (NA) and Codelyouko (NA)
www.Nurf.us by Neopong (NA) and MmmOverkill (NA)