Tournament Policies

Read these thoroughly

Every project will be subject to these policies. Project owners are required to read and understand these policies. Failure to adhere to these policies may result in an indefinite revocation of your access to the Riot Games API.

The Context

Our goal is to provide developers with a set of tools to create projects that will create a better player experience. We try as much as possible to not guide or hinder the creative process. While we remain as hands off as possible we do, at times, need to step in to ensure projects don’t have a negative impact to players. That being the case, we care about the developer community as well as the players they develop projects for, so if you have questions let us know as soon as possible and we’ll be happy to provide guidance. Please note, by following these guidelines and eventually getting your application approved, it means we’ve approved your application for a production API key. We don’t give individual projects a stamp of approval, but rather ensure they don’t conflict with our player-focused policies.

Tournament Policies

The Tournaments API was created specifically to help tournament organizers facilitate the organization and management of community tournaments. As such, the Tournaments API should be used specifically for tournaments or events with a similar likeness. The Tournaments API should not be used for it's ability to generate pre-made lobbies for single games.

The policies around the Tournaments API are very specific in nature and include but occasionally supercede the General Policies. Please ask us if you find any of these policies vague or unclear:

  1. You are responsible to ensure a fair and balanced system for matchmaking teams.
  2. All features of your project must be freely available to every tournament participant.
  3. A tournament must have a minimum of 20 active participants, regardless of team size (1v1, 3v3, 5v5 etc).
  4. Teams must progress through the tournament by playing directly against their opponents. It must be a traditional style tournament (elimination, round robin, etc) and not direct challenges or ladder systems.
  5. Anything related to wagering, betting, gambling, or any other use of real money outside of a nominal entry fee is not permitted. No exceptions.
  6. Custom currencies with a monetary value are strictly forbidden. Entry fees or buy-ins must be displayed in a fiat currency, to provide clarity to the participants, and then distributed amongst the winning teams at the end of the tournament based on placements.

    A fiat currency is a currency backed by a government regulation or law.

Any time money gets involved we take things very seriously. We've seen a considerable amount of shady behavior with regard to the Tournaments API and as such this is not an area we're likely to be understanding. We understand the overwhelming benefit that community tournaments have created for players, but any deviation from these policies is likely to be handled strictly. If you have any questions ask before implementing a feature that may conflict with these policies.