Monetization Policies

Read these thoroughly

Every project will be subject to these policies. Project owners are required to read and understand these policies. Failure to adhere to these policies may result in an indefinite revocation of your access to the Riot Games API.

Monetization Policies

As you might expect, any time money gets involved we take things very seriously. In any case where you're unsure about whether or not you're breaking our monetization policy you should default to excluding the feature in question. The Riot Games API is provided as a tool for community creators to create a project that can be freely enjoyed by players, it is not meant as a means to generate revenue. We will always put the player's interests first and if we feel a project is taking advantage of players we'll move swiftly to have it removed.

With that said, we are always looking for ways to support content creators who work on projects that benefit the community, and we know it’s difficult to run these sometimes costly projects. We also understand that developers want to recoup the time and engery it takes to build and maintain these projects. As such there are a few methods which allow developers to offset those costs, which we're fine with.

We specifically reserve the right to require any form of monetization be removed if we see something sketchy.


We're fine with projects passively collecting revenue from users via advertisements. From our perspective this is the preferred method of monetization to offset the cost of developer's projects.

Paid Removal of Advertisements

We know it's sometimes difficult to create a tasteful, unobtrusive native experience with advertisements. This is part of the reason why the mobile industry has gravitated toward the paid removal of ads. As such, after contacting us first, we'll allow developers to support their projects with the paid removal of advertisements.

Developers who are granted permission to monetize their applications will be required to provide the same functionality and experience in their projects with and without advertisements. For mobile and desktop applications, the removal of advertisements is an action that needs to be executed within the application itself. We will not be allowing two separate versions of the application. The app itself must be free, with the option to remove advertisements as an in-app purchase.

In order to offer the paid removal of advertisements you must:

  1. Contact us via an App Note within your project's application
  2. Provide us with a visualization of your project with and without advertisements
  3. Accept the additional monetization terms within your project's application
Projects that offer the paid removal of advertisements without contacting us first will be in violation of our policies and risk having their API key disabled.


We don't have any policies specifically prohibiting donations at this time, but we specifically reserve the right to require any form of monetization (including donations) be removed from a project. This is usually a judgment made on a case by case basis so honor the spirit of the rules which are meant to ensure every player can freely enjoy your project. Don't create an environment where users feel pressured to spend money (refer to the Crowdfunding section for more context).

Strictly Forbidden

Exclusive Access

You may not charge money for exclusive access to features that are based, in whole or in part, on data gained from the Riot Games API.


We specifically disallow these platforms because by their very nature they grant benefits to those who have contributed. This is something we simply cannot support. If you have individuals that would like to contribute to your project out of the kindness of their heart that's fine but they can't be granted any special benefits. From our perspective, benefits for donors creates a dynamic that is too easily abused. Players can easily be pressured to donate if they want to gain access to specific features (which should never be the case). Additionally, developers can start to solely invest their time in developing donate-to-access features that provide no benefit to the rest of the community. The Riot Games API is free, publicly accessible, and was created to enrich the experience of the entire community.