General Policies

Read these thoroughly

Every project will be subject to these policies. Project owners are required to read and understand these policies. Failure to adhere to these policies may result in an indefinite revocation of your access to the Riot Games API.

The Context

Our goal is to provide developers with a set of tools to create projects that will create a better player experience. We try as much as possible to not guide or hinder the creative process. While we remain as hands off as possible we do, at times, need to step in to ensure projects don’t have a negative impact to players. That being the case, we care about the developer community as well as the players they develop projects for, so if you have questions let us know as soon as possible and we’ll be happy to provide guidance. Please note, by following these guidelines and eventually getting your application approved, it means we’ve approved your application for a production API key. We don’t give individual projects a stamp of approval, but rather ensure they don’t conflict with our player-focused policies.

General Policies

When working with the Riot Games API and other Developer Tools, we have several conditions set forth in our Terms of Use and Legal Jibber Jabber. We know that can be a pretty dense read, so here’s a quick synopsis of some of the key points that come up most often. (Note however this is NOT all inclusive and that you still need to read and agree to the Terms)

The goal is to enrich the League of Legends community and provide a better player experience. If your project may lead to a negative player experience please talk to us before it’s too late! There are some things that we're flexible on, but there are also some things we take a hard stance on.

Please Don't

  • Break the law
  • Publish a project that doesn't properly secure your API key
  • Utilize a Development or Interim API key to run a publicly accessible production project (Development and Interim API keys are to be used to create a prototype that we can review before the project is made available for public consumption)
  • Compromise the integrity of the game or create an unfair advantage for players
  • Charge money for your app or provide exclusive access, in whole or in part, to specific users
  • Provide alternate channels to report or evaluate other players
  • Create alternatives for official skill ranking systems, such as Ranked Leagues (Prohibited alternatives include MMR or ELO calculators)
  • Refer to your project to be in a partnership or approved by Riot Games
  • Utilize methods to connect to other League of Legends systems, such as League chat, that haven't been included in the third party tools. (Except where otherwise noted in any official exceptions, if any.)
  • Scrape data from undocumented endpoints or any other sources outside of the provided Riot API Endpoints and other documented Third Party Developer Tools. (Except where otherwise noted in any official exceptions, if any.)
  • Build or design any tools or components designed to look like the native League of Legends or Riot Games branding and designs, both in-game and out.

If you have an idea that you think might fall within a gray area feel free ask us in your project's application. Make sure to include a description and the goal behind your project, and then post your question as an App Note within the application. We’ll be happy to provide you with feedback and work with you to achieve your goal without conflicting with policies we have in place to protect the player experience.

Please Do

  • Think outside the box
  • Think of ways for players to evaluate and improve their own gameplay
  • Think of ways to connect players with their friends
  • Blow our minds (it’s encouraged)
  • Feel free to use any of our art assets from the game (but NOT any official Logos)

As mentioned, this is not an all-inclusive list, so please be sure to read through all of the Terms of Use and Legal Jibber Jabber as well!