API Documentation

"All systems charged"

- Ezreal

Regional Endpoints

Region Platform ID Host
BR BR1 br.api.pvp.net
EUNE EUN1 eune.api.pvp.net
EUW EUW1 euw.api.pvp.net
JP JP1 jp.api.pvp.net
KR KR kr.api.pvp.net
LAN LA1 lan.api.pvp.net
LAS LA2 las.api.pvp.net
NA NA1 na.api.pvp.net
OCE OC1 oce.api.pvp.net
TR TR1 tr.api.pvp.net
RU RU ru.api.pvp.net
PBE PBE1 pbe.api.pvp.net
Global * global.api.pvp.net

* Note: The static data is a global service, and thus uses the global.api.pvp.net endpoint regardless of the region selected. For example, this URL returns KR-specific data: